Corporate Travel

corporate_travel2.png For road shows and other multi-city, multi-event itenaries, you can rely on the Sterling Roadshow service for reliable, exceptional logistical support and the intensive level of service that business-critical road shows demand.

We feature a Roadshow team who deal specifically with planning and executing on-the-spot requirements of Road Show customers.

Roadshow customers get a round-the-clock access to a dedicated number to a member of the team. Where possible, a single co-ordinatior from our team will be responsible for and organise the logistical intricasies for your needs at a roadshow.

All engagments are invoiced on an itemized bill, giving you with a single statement of activity during a roadshow. This is presented to you by fax and email or additional formats by request.

For added convenience, Sterling's works from your customized manifest via email or fax and through our online event-management system. You can also take advantage of Sterlings's Web-based e-Reservation Center - the online portal that makes event management easy, with 24/7/365 access to your account and the ability to configure some details on-the-go.

We cater to all needs, after all your custom is our service. Arrange for champage, baloons, or anything for that matter that makes you smile. Relax and ride in the comfort of a Sterling luxury car.